I’m not that boring!!

I  notice that there are still some people coming to visit this blog everyday. You must be very disappointed that I haven’t posted in awhile…It’s because I’ve moved to another blog address!! So forget this one, and come and join me over at http://girlpaperscissors.blogspot.com

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here is the new link for my new home…this one should work!

Girl, Paper, Scissors

Same bat time…different bat channel! fixed link!

Well I have finally given in and am moving to blogger. It took a little ( read firm) push from my good friend JJ who knew I was hemming and hawing at the prospect. She knew I wouldn’t be able to resist the cute blog templates available for blogger, and took the liberty of e-mailing me 4 examples to show me what I was missing! not 3 minutes later, Girl, Paper, Scissors was created in blogger land! So unless some catastrophe strikes, this will be my last post here at wordpress. I hope you’ll come and visit my new digs…( did I mention I found the PERFECT template?!)

Thanks WordPress- it’s been swell!


Getting ready

I usually get together with my buddies on Friday nights to scrapbook. We usually end up at our local scrap book store Scrapbook Centrale, or at someone’s house. I usually throw a couple of photos, a few paper choices and a couple of embellishments into my bag and off I go, but I’ve been in a bit of a scrapbooking funk for the last 2 weeks. I can’t even seem to decide on a photo, let alone pick papers. I’ve had the same photos on my desk now for a week trying to figure out what I was going to do with them. I’ve cut up 3 printed papers, and a cardstock just “playing around”. nothing. I think I’m going to scraplift a page,  and I challenge anyone who needs it to do the same. Why don’t  I go get an older page of my own to scraplift?  Wanna play along?fast-friends

Eliane, I hope you don’t mind being on my blog…if you do just send me a message and make it ALL IN CAPS…I’ll get the message 🙂 If anyone decides to lift the page with me, let me know!

Have a great day!


Munchies and Magic?

Sometimes I like to sit back and retrace where some of my crazy ideas come from. Many times there’s no clear idea path, but just a pool of weirdness that seems to morph into an idea, other times there doesn’t seem to be any evolution at all – just “POUF!” and the idea comes out of thin air. There are instances however where I can clearly follow step by step progression from beginning to end. This next Mixer layout for MIX IT UP challenges blog was born from the clearer path.  How I got to the title and how magic and watermelon were acceptable concepts to put together was my biggest concern. I think I originally had it in my head that these pictures deserved a title like “melon monster” or ” melon maniac” ( you should see Ethan attack a plate of it!) Somehow the hypnotic pattern of the paper and the “W” in Watermelon led me to the idea of “wizard”. Everything else evolved from there. I know it’s a bit scary to get a glimpse into my head, but just try being me!IMG_2052

my favorite part of this one is the sticker that says ” what’s in your tummy?” This actually came from a pack of pregnancy stickers I had and never managed to use ( that happens a lot around here). If only I had 2 sheets of this paper, I could have made it an exact mirror in each quadrant…then again, I already wasted 3 other sheets of paper trying to figure out how to get this effect! 🙂

The Grotto

Any of you who have ever actually met my Ethan will know that the only way to get this kid to sit still for more than 2 minutes is to turn on Treehouse TV, or give him something really yummy to eat. Even those two things usually only work for so long, as Ethan has taken to dancing in his chair at restaurants, and is constantly being reprimanded for standing on the couch. So imagine my amazement this morning when I transformed the toy “grotto” under our stairs with a fluffy carpet, and some extra cushions, and my 2 and a 1/2 year old patiently waited there for me to go get some books from his room, and then a snack from the kitchen -Didn’t move a muscle I tell you- that is until he just discovered me on the computer…I’ve gotta go, we have to go visit Elmo and his buddies online. Have a great day!

Nothing beats a challenge…

I love challenges! When I’m turning circles, trying to figure out what I want to be creating, a challenge gives me direction, and helps me to focus. With so many choices of product, photos and techniques, sometimes I get overwhelmed and suffer from creative paralysis. Short of purging 80% of the stuff in my scrapbook room, I can think of no better way to set limits on some of these choices and really get the creative juices flowing. ( sorry guys, I’m not quite ready to purge any product just yet! 🙂 ).

So Friday night, my buddy Claude is examining some of the bits and pieces I’ve carted over to her house. She eyes some cute Pebbles from Prima Marketing’s Mommy and Me collection which she knows I’ve had for a very long time and issues me the following challenge:  Use any 2 on a layout in the next 2 days. At least I think that was the time frame she gave me…

So here it is Claude- and I used the froggies!


Too bad the  pebbles make the scan so fuzzy!