a little rambling

Thursdays and Fridays are kind of like mini days off  for me. As a stay at home mom of 2, a day off is really an impossible thing, but these two days are as close as I can get. Ethan still goes to daycare on these days ( only until the end of August 😦 ), so Parker and I are alone from 8am until 3:30 0r 4pm when we go pick him up. This is wonderful because I can always be sure to be able to grab a morning or afternoon nap ( whichever Parker feels he’s going to have that day).

As good as an hour and a half nap feels during the day, and as sleep deprived as I have been lately, I can’t help but feeling guilty when I do take advantage. I always feel I should be cleaning, doing prep for dinner, or something equally productive. Guilt or no, it seems there is very little that can keep me from my bed after rocking and nursing Parker to sleep for half an hour. ( that alone usually makes me nod off in the chair).

I also daydream on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday about all the wonderful things I will accomplish with only 1 kid to tote around on Thursday and Friday. Most of these never happen as 3:30 seems to come really fast most days- especially when you factor in the nap :).

On a totally separate note, here’s a layout I started last Friday while cropping at my house with my friends. It began with a sketch challenge from Creative Scrappers, and ended with a challenge from Scrap the Boys.


I keep telling myself- (and anyone else who cares to listen) that I dislike Basic Grey products. I had to laugh when I was organizing my paper the other day, because I seem to have more BG paper than any other manufacturer. I really do love some of the bolder colour in the new lines such as Lime Rickey, Marakech and June Bug (used here).  I guess it’s a secret love-  kinda like how I feel about the band Rush, but we can talk about that one later…

3 responses to “a little rambling

  1. welcome to the dark side…


  2. Claude Campeau

    Glad you figured out what to do with the title and journaling. Looks great!

  3. told you Basic Grey made great products…trust you mother 🙂 I love to new brights too.

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