Nothing beats a challenge…

I love challenges! When I’m turning circles, trying to figure out what I want to be creating, a challenge gives me direction, and helps me to focus. With so many choices of product, photos and techniques, sometimes I get overwhelmed and suffer from creative paralysis. Short of purging 80% of the stuff in my scrapbook room, I can think of no better way to set limits on some of these choices and really get the creative juices flowing. ( sorry guys, I’m not quite ready to purge any product just yet! 🙂 ).

So Friday night, my buddy Claude is examining some of the bits and pieces I’ve carted over to her house. She eyes some cute Pebbles from Prima Marketing’s Mommy and Me collection which she knows I’ve had for a very long time and issues me the following challenge:  Use any 2 on a layout in the next 2 days. At least I think that was the time frame she gave me…

So here it is Claude- and I used the froggies!


Too bad the  pebbles make the scan so fuzzy!

5 responses to “Nothing beats a challenge…

  1. I like how you used that FP journal sheet!

  2. That is really pretty, I love the colours used.

  3. love it love the colours you picked and those two faces are priceless. ly 🙂

  4. that’s a totally adorable layout!

  5. Oh yeah, that’s my girl!

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