Munchies and Magic?

Sometimes I like to sit back and retrace where some of my crazy ideas come from. Many times there’s no clear idea path, but just a pool of weirdness that seems to morph into an idea, other times there doesn’t seem to be any evolution at all – just “POUF!” and the idea comes out of thin air. There are instances however where I can clearly follow step by step progression from beginning to end. This next Mixer layout for MIX IT UP challenges blog was born from the clearer path.  How I got to the title and how magic and watermelon were acceptable concepts to put together was my biggest concern. I think I originally had it in my head that these pictures deserved a title like “melon monster” or ” melon maniac” ( you should see Ethan attack a plate of it!) Somehow the hypnotic pattern of the paper and the “W” in Watermelon led me to the idea of “wizard”. Everything else evolved from there. I know it’s a bit scary to get a glimpse into my head, but just try being me!IMG_2052

my favorite part of this one is the sticker that says ” what’s in your tummy?” This actually came from a pack of pregnancy stickers I had and never managed to use ( that happens a lot around here). If only I had 2 sheets of this paper, I could have made it an exact mirror in each quadrant…then again, I already wasted 3 other sheets of paper trying to figure out how to get this effect! 🙂

One response to “Munchies and Magic?

  1. Yup, weird things going on in your head, but I love it!!!

    The background is wicked!

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